Community Involvement

Dr. Garrett is actively involved in the specialties of patient safety, healthcare quality, medical device safety, infection prevention and control, medical/clinical affairs, vascular access, infectious disease, prehospital emergeny medicine and training, and post-acute care.

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Clinical Expertise

Dr. Garrett is an international expert in infection prevention and control, infectious disease, patient safety, vascular access, and post acute care.

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Ask the Expert

This week’s Ask the Expert-Role of EVS in Preventing HAIs

More and more, the role of the healthcare clinical environment of care is being understood in relation to transmission of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). As such, healthcare Environmental Services (EVS) Technicians and Professionals are critical elements in the infection prevention and control program.

Proper adherence to cleaning and disinfection, isolation precautions, and hand hygiene practices can significantly reduce the incidence of HAIs. EVS also has the opportunity to engage the patient in a more active hand hygiene campaign to reduce HAIs and improve overall patient satisfaction.

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CDC Provides Updates on Antibiotic Resistance

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released updated data summarizing the national threat created by antibiotic resistance. Recent CDC estimates showed that over 2,000,000 illnesses and deaths are caused by antibiotic resistance each yea, with an estimated 23,000 deaths as a result.

Particular pathogens, such as Clostridium difficile, are particularly problematic for healthcare providers and patients. CDC estimates demonstrated over 250,000 Clostridium difficile infections and 14,000 deaths annually.

To reduce the tragic risks created by antibiotic resistance, healthcare providers must strategically improve antibiotic prescribing practices and adhere to basic infection prevention and control practices such as hand hygiene, environmental cleaning and disinfection, and the use of personal protective equipment in accordance with isolation precautions.

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